W3C RAND proposed recommendation...

  I am writing to express concern over what I have read about the W3C
discussion & impending recommendation of the RAND draft.

  I feel that if the W3C is to recommend this text, that this will place
a great restriction on the free use & free development of current &
ESPECIALLY FUTURE web content.  Further, I feel that the RAND idea is
flawed in that it provides for the W3C to become illegitamate in the
public eye... and a force that could probably/potentially (unsure of
which) result in profit based decisions on behalf of W3C...  this would
be devestating, & would likely lead to corporate dominance within the

  I urge you not to recommend & not to vote in favor of the RAND

My thanks for your time,

Jeremy D James
Emily, MN  56447

currently studying in Germany

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 04:36:49 UTC