Patent Policy

I'm a web developer and a user of free (and non-free) software.

Allowing patented ideas into your standards is probably the worse idea for 
the Internet's health. What this will do is create a system of tollbooths for 
web development and basically prevent any free software from being developed 
to the new standards.

If I were a corporation, I'd surely want to be able to tax (through royalty 
payments) any web development. However, those corporation's gains are the 
community's losses.

The last time I checked, more than half of the web's servers ran on free 
software. Could this continue when development is buttoned up with a bunch of 
patents? I would think not.

So, in summary, I'm against the idea of allowing private patents into public 

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 20:51:14 UTC