RAND Licensing

As one of the original participants in the SVG working group I have first 
hand experience in the difficult task of ensuring that W3C specifications
are free of patents and other IP protections that might limit the ability
of implementors to freely create products that make use of W3C standards.
It is a difficult process, but vitally necessary to ensure a level playing
field for future innovation.

I am shocked and appalled at the proposed changes to the W3C policy regarding
patents.  Is this not the same organization that spearheaded the patent-free
PNG image format, precisely because of the need for royalty free image files
on the web?

If the W3C goes forward with this proposal it may as well announce the 
abdication of its stated goals of providing "universal access" and a 
"web of trust" and instead take up the banner of corporate oligarchies.

I, for one, will have no part of any future W3C standards group if this 
proposal is passed.


Gavriel State, CEO
TransGaming Technologies Inc.

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 13:01:50 UTC