RAND Licensing

This Licensing is being put forth by commercial interests.
This is very very dangerous. Standards should never be for "sale".
If it is, then it should not be a standard.

What about open software implementations of a "standard"? We have just gone 
through the ramifications of one monopoly, we don't want to create any more.

It would then be the case of the company with the deepest pockets being the 
one who makes the standard and enforces the fees.

Please don't create a standard which has to be paid for to use.  This
would be in the interests of corporations with deep pockets only, not in the 
general interest of the until now free Internet.

Try Linux, the Operating System which values your freedom.
Not the Outlaw Microsoft, which values their bottom line.

perl -e 'print pack("H*","6a6664656364406578656370632e636f6d");'
perl -e 'print unpack("u", "2:F9D96-D0&5X96-P8RYC;VT*");'

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 12:18:26 UTC