strongly opposed to W3C endorsing non-royalty-free standards

I'm strongly opposed to W3C endorsing non-royalty-free standards.  This goes 
completely against the widely accepted practices that have made the Internet 
the success that it is today.

W3C endorsement of non-royalty-free standards will dramatically reduce the 
number of people and organizations whose creative energies will be available 
to write and improve Internet software.  As fewer and fewer people and 
organizations are able to participate effectively in the standards-setting 
process, there will be less competition, and Internet users will have less 
freedom of choice.

Please do not endorse any standard for which software cannot be implemented 
and distributed without royalty payments or other patent-related restrictions.

Thank you.

Arthur A. Gleckler
software development manager

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 15:30:00 UTC