Do not allow patents into w3c standards

As a user and contributer of www software the idea of having patent
encumbered standards seems like it violates many of the principals that
have made the web succesfull and effective.

We need open standards so we can communicate with each other.
Intellectual property is fine and good for applications and uses of the
Internet but we need to have common platform to communicate with each
other that fosters compitition and allows people to innovate.  Putting
patents that require licencing changed the web into limited coporate
product that will not allow people to develop internet technology
rapidly or to find new uses for it.

We need freedom and COMMONALITY to make the internet dynamic and
scalable into all countries.  If we had to licence TCP/IP we could not
have scaled to the comercial success of the modern internet as not as
many router companies, or different servers could have been developed
to access, route, or manage the internet.

I beg you to keep the standards free to innovation and compition of

                                   San Francisco, CA
Robin * Slomkowski       

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 04:27:29 UTC