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FW: More on the affordable braille device Katie Haritos-Shea GMAIL (Wednesday, 30 March)

Go ATAG! Twitter adds alternative text to images Jeanne Spellman (Wednesday, 30 March)

Using Visual ARIA to Physically See and Learn How ARIA Works Bryan Garaventa (Tuesday, 29 March)

PDF/UA now a US National Standard, available for $15 Duff Johnson (Tuesday, 29 March)

Minutes of WCAG.Next meeting at CSUN Jeanne Spellman (Tuesday, 29 March)

Is the accessibility of a 3rd party that represent me still my concern? Druckman,Geri (Monday, 28 March)

Test for abuse (human) Lewis Robinson (Monday, 28 March)

Are visible labels required per WCAG 2.0? Phill Jenkins (Tuesday, 22 March)

W4A2016 Call for Participation Greg Gay (Tuesday, 22 March)

What is a "WCAG2.next workshop"? John Foliot (Friday, 18 March)

W3C WAI at CSUN - Monday, Tuesday, Friday Shawn Henry (Friday, 18 March)

Updated: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List Shawn Henry (Thursday, 17 March)

Call for Review: WAI-ARIA 1.1, DPub Roles, Accessibility API Mappings, and Authoring Practices Working Drafts Michael Cooper (Thursday, 17 March)

Understanding WCAG & WCAG Techniques Updated March 2016 Michael Cooper (Thursday, 17 March)

Updated: WCAG-EM Report Tool - Website Accessibility Evaluation Report Generator Shawn Henry (Thursday, 17 March)

Call for Review: Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision Shawn Henry (Thursday, 17 March)

Updated: How to Meet WCAG 2.0: A customizable quick reference Shawn Henry (Thursday, 17 March)

Accessible eLearning Macintosh, Kristy (OMAFRA) (Wednesday, 16 March)

Placeholder text instead of Labels Herin Hentry (Tuesday, 15 March)

Luminance / Luma confusion Tobias Bengfort (Sunday, 6 March)

Recall: WCAG compliance question TINA.JOHNS@forces.gc.ca (Friday, 26 February)

Using the GamePad API with AT devices? Léonie Watson (Tuesday, 23 February)

Income opportunity for people with disabilities to report on web accessibility Katie Haritos-Shea (Tuesday, 23 February)

IAAP Certification begins March 22 Paul Bohman (Monday, 8 February)

Meaning of "synchronized media" Robin Hillman (Friday, 5 February)

ASSETS 2016 - Call for Papers Kyle Rector (Tuesday, 26 January)

accessibility support for nested h1 in sections? Chaals McCathie Nevile (Friday, 22 January)

TTML 1.0 and 2.0 Sean Murphy (seanmmur) (Tuesday, 19 January)

Allowing font size changes Oscar Cao (Thursday, 14 January)

Call for Review: WCAG 2.0 Techniques Draft Updates Michael Cooper (Friday, 8 January)

Re: W3C to Receive Emmy(R) for Work on Accessible Captioning Jens Oliver Meiert (Tuesday, 5 January)

W3C to Receive Emmy® for Work on Accessible Captioning Shawn Henry (Tuesday, 5 January)

PDF's Exposed via Web Pages and Accessibility Paul Tykodi (Tuesday, 5 January)

Call for Review: Requirements for WCAG 2.0 Extensions - First Public Working Draft Michael Cooper (Tuesday, 5 January)

PDF accessibility and complex script languages. Andrew Cunningham (Monday, 4 January)

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