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I agree. 

Imaging having to set the volume on our devices in a settings somewhere and constantly return to that setting after we find out it is not enough or too much and not having the immediate feedback afforded by volume buttons or onscreen controls.

Same should be provided for fonts. 
After all, the text on the web page or app is the main mode of communication or human computer interaction.
It is why we use these devices anyway: to be able to read the text being used.

The world population that needs this is so big.



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What will be the plan for the app? Will it be widely used on mobile devices? In mobile devices you can increase the font size, but it's not as convenient as in a web page. On mobile devices you need to go to the settings app and you can't see how the font size looks live as you adjust it. For people who have difficulty navigating, it could be a real convenience to tap a button to increase the font size right there in the app their using.

This could also be a nice feature for other uses, such as those with autism. I attended an autism conference in the summer and this was something that was widely discussed. The convenience of reducing the number of steps to accomplish something.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 3:22 PM, Howard Leicester <> wrote:
Hi P et al,

Do things really have to be so detailed and difficult?

May be there's some more fundamentally wrong in our approach?

No criticism, just a view!

VV best,
Howard (Leicester, UK).

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On 14/01/2016 00:52, Oscar Cao wrote:
> I want to get what everyone's views are on the importance of having
> custom font size buttons for a website. You know those 3 icon buttons:
> smaller, medium, and larger.

Very low from my point of view. It's functionality built into the
browser already, so provided a site's CSS is made correctly, these
in-page controls would be redundant.

There is an argument that users simply don't know that they can resize
text/content using the browser controls - but this is more of a user
education issue that should not have to be the responsibility of content
authors. (same for in-page/custom controls to switch to high contrast
mode or similar)

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