What is a "WCAG2.next workshop"?

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The question has been posed, what is a "WCAG2.next workshop"? Good question.


The “WCAG2.next workshop” is *not* a traditional W3C model workshop with a day of presentations and discussion, but rather a series of calls, email discussion, and wiki collaboration focused on a specific topic, operating on a fixed and quick timeline.  We are attempting to look at, and chart where, WCAG is headed both short-term and long-term, and we are scheduled to present our findings to the WCAG WG on April 5th, 2016. 


Currently, the WCAG WG and related Task Forces are working on “extensions” to WCAG, based on work coming from the different Task Forces (COGA, Mobile, Low Vision). While the awesome work that is happening in these Task Forces is progressing well (and needs to continue to proceed), there are at this time a number of questions around how this activity will be “rolled up and rolled into” WCAG.


The purpose of the workshop is to try and come forward with different models – options – as to how that may work. We are looking to do that through a public process that is outlined on a wiki page created for this exercise, located at: https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Main_Page/DesigningWCAG2.next 

The process we are using is:

* Define: We will define the problem space.

* Brainstorm: We will brainstorm solutions, and then choose at least two solutions to pursue.

* Prototype: We will create prototype models.

* Present: We will present the prototype models to the community.

* Feedback: We will gather feedback from the community. We will also gather feedback on the prototype models from WCAG users.

* Refine: We will refine the prototype models based on insights and feedback.


We will repeat the present/feedback/refine cycle until we have at least two (and possibly more) viable models. We will then deliver those to the WCAG WG. 


To date, we have met once (Monday Mar. 14th – minutes here: https://www.w3.org/2016/03/14-wcagnext-minutes.html), with a second 90-minute call scheduled for Friday March 18th at 9:00 AM Boston. We have also discussed soliciting feedback and input from the larger community during CSUN, where we hope to host a (as yet confirmed) session (or sessions) between the Wednesday and Friday. (It is my sincere hope to have this finalized on Friday’s call, so that we can socialize that information in time for active participation.)


It is our (at least my) hope that the outcome of this exercise will help guide and inform the WCAG WG of what the community needs, wants, and expects going forward; fueled by the need for WCAG to remain relevant and up-to-date to best serve the needs of Persons With Disabilities, while at the same time mindful of what change management looks like from multiple perspectives, including from the perspective of policy and legislation.


If you have an interest in being part of this discussion, I urge you to jump in. 




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