RE: Allowing font size changes

Hi P et al,

Do things really have to be so detailed and difficult?

May be there's some more fundamentally wrong in our approach?

No criticism, just a view!

VV best,
Howard (Leicester, UK).

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On 14/01/2016 00:52, Oscar Cao wrote:
> I want to get what everyone's views are on the importance of having
> custom font size buttons for a website. You know those 3 icon buttons:
> smaller, medium, and larger.

Very low from my point of view. It's functionality built into the 
browser already, so provided a site's CSS is made correctly, these 
in-page controls would be redundant.

There is an argument that users simply don't know that they can resize 
text/content using the browser controls - but this is more of a user 
education issue that should not have to be the responsibility of content 
authors. (same for in-page/custom controls to switch to high contrast 
mode or similar)

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