Re: Are visible labels required per WCAG 2.0?

On 3/22/2016 6:11 PM, Phill Jenkins wrote:
> UAAG 2.0 Draft does not seem to have a success criteria to render the 
> invisible labels that were added to meet success criteria.
> Is there a gap in the requirements between WCAG and UAAG that 
> disproportionately affect sighted users with cognitive disabilities?


UAAG 2.0 does address this issue, although it does not explicitly state 
that it must be visual. The examples in the UAAG 2.0 reference are for a 
low vision user and for a user with a cognitive disability.

1.10.1 Show Related Elements:  The user can access the information from 
explicitly-defined relationships in the content, including at least the 
following: (Level AA)

     calculated accessible name for images
     calculated accessible name for controls (e.g. form fields, buttons)
     caption for a table
     row and column labels for a table cell

FYI, UAAG 2.0 is no longer a draft, but is a completed Guideline 
published as a W3C Note.


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