Re: Income opportunity for people with disabilities to report on web accessibility

will a person get a confirmation  once they register?
while I have a qualifying disability, I met with some uniqueness after I 
For example I did not reach a field asking for your code so might have 
missed a step.

I just tried phoning the 512 number provided on the site to check, only 
reach a person who first blamed my screen reader, i. e. only population 
who might have a qualifying disability, then after gelling me he did not 
care about my efforts to learn if I am in the program hung up on an 
international caller.
I would hope those administrating such a program, understand w3c rules 
themselves, or at least have manners.
Can you guide me here?

On Tue, 23 Feb 2016, Katie Haritos-Shea wrote:

> Dear WAI-IG,
> AccessWorks is recruiting people with disability for *paid* usability
> studies.  The project is a partnership of Australian Loop11 and US
> nonprofit Knowbility.  People with disabilities receive occasional income
> ($50 US per test) to report on their  experience doing standard web-based
> tasks like shopping, registering for government services, booking travel
> and such.
> International demand is building and AccessWorks needs more people from all
> over the world. If you have a qualifying disability and are interested in
> participating:
> Please sign up on the AccessWorks [1] web site. Use the promo code 'waiig'
> Thanks for your help!
> [1[
> Katie Haritos-Shea
> 703-371-5545

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