Re: Call for Review: WCAG 2.0 Techniques Draft Updates

Hi Andrew,

On Thu, 04 Feb 2016 15:16:37 +0100, Andrew Kirkpatrick  
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> On 2/3/16, 20:41, "Chaals McCathie Nevile" <> wrote:
>> These are sort of helpful, but I'd actually appreciate pointers to the
>> changes. In the 3000-page techniques, I counted 5, and the changes seem  
>> to take more time to work out from the available documents than it will  
>> take me to write them up for the rest of the world.
> You’re right, it is difficult with the many pages.  We will include a  
> link to the github “compare” view in the future, which won’t help  
> everyone as it is looking at the XML sources,

It depends how big teh changes are, but from what I can see these ones  
would have been easy enough to understand from the XML source.

Another option is just to provide a map of the changes as a list...

> but there is information about the changes entered as descriptions for
> the various commits that constitute the differences between the current
> working draft and the master branch.
>> You can make Pull Requests to http://guthub/com/w3c/wcag but there is a
>> request not to do so in the README and a complex build system, you can  
>> use the form at or
>> just send email to
> Right, we would need to make sure to point people to the right branch,  
> which seems to be the issue you found.  If you did know to look at the  
> current working branch it would welcome your comments there through  
> February 10, 2016.   

Aha. Thanks!

>> In particular it would have helped because it took me about 5 minutes of
>> chasing to discover that it is hard to understand how to make a simple
>> edit, given the now-unusual method for constructing the Techniques
>> document).
> Ha!  The process has always been unusual, at least since I joined the  
> group.  We have discussed restructuring how the techniques are authored  
> and generated, but haven’t had the time to get that project moving.

I think the problem isn't so much to have an odd system - as far as I can  
tell these days *all* the cool kids have some weird bespoke thing you need  
to learn before making a Pull Request. But a quick dummy's guide to  
proposing basic changes is really helpful.

>> All whinging aside, thank you for the updates. I'll work through them  
>> and provide comments as requested.
> Always welcome. The next public review (for the September publication  
> date) will be in July, but we accept comments/pull requests 24/7/365.



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