Re: IAAP Certification begins March 22

The deadline to register for the first instance of the IAAP certification
exam is Tuesday, March 1. The exam itself is March 22, in San Diego,
concurrent with the CSUN conference, but not associated with the conference.

The sign-up form is online:

For those not able to attend the first exam session, you will be able to
take the exam starting in May, and you can make arrangements to take it
locally at a place that is convenient to you. Email for more information.

   - General certification info:
   - Exam content outline:

Paul Bohman, PhD
Director of Training, Deque Systems, Inc
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On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 12:45 PM, Paul Bohman <> wrote:

> The online registration form for the first IAAP certification exam (March
> 22 in San Diego) is now available:
> For those who cannot make that date or location, the exam will be
> available to a wider audience starting in May. The exam will be available
> internationally, and can be taken in testing centers or with a proctor in a
> location convenient to the test-taker. Email
> to make arrangements to take the exam,
> either individually or with a group (for example, with co-workers).
>    - General info about IAAP Certification:
>    - Topics covered on the CPACC exam:
>    - Frequently-asked questions about the CPACC credential:
> Paul Bohman, PhD
> Director of Training, Deque Systems, Inc
> 703-225-0380, ext.121
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 6:25 PM, Paul Bohman <> wrote:
>> Cross-posted announcement:
>> The first opportunity to become IAAP-certified with the credential
>> "Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies" will be in San
>> Diego on Tuesday, March 22 at 1:00. Here are the details:
>>    - *Date:* March 22
>>    - *Time:* 1:00-3:00 (you may finish early)
>>    - *Location:* Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina (next to the Hyatt
>>    hotel where the CSUN conference is being held)
>>    - *Discount Price!* The IAAP is offering a $100 discount rate of $225
>>    for members and $325 for nonmembers, only for this first exam session.
>>    Future exam sessions will be at the regular price.
>>    - *Sign up:* The IAAP will publish an online signup form. In the
>>    meantime, you can pre-register by sending an email to
>> The date and location coincide with the CSUN conference, but IAAP
>> certification is not affiliated with the conference. For those who cannot
>> make it to this exam session, there will be other opportunities, and the
>> test can be administered locally around the world through a testing center
>> or test proctor at a site convenient to you. If you are interested in a
>> local test session (available starting May 2, 2016), contact
>> to arrange the details.
>> *About the CPACC credential:*
>> The certification exam covers broad concepts about disabilities and
>> accessibility relevant to anyone working in an accessibility-related field,
>> whether technical or not. The CPACC is a foundational credential, designed
>> to ensure that accessibility professionals have a common vocabulary and
>> understanding of essential challenges and principles of accessible design.
>> The exam draws on wisdom from both the digital and non-digital realms of
>> accessibility, to encourage cross-disciplinary thinking to common
>> accessibility problems. For general information about IAAP certification,
>> see
>> The three broad topics in the exam are:
>>    1. Disabilities, Challenges, and Assistive Technologies
>>    2. Accessibility and Universal Design
>>    3. Declarations, Standards, Laws, Standards, and Management Strategies
>> For more details on the topics, see
>> Note: The IAAP also intends to release a future credential in the
>> digital/web accessibility realm with a more technical focus. Details about
>> that credential will be published as they become available. Even people who
>> are interested in the more technical credential should start with the CPACC
>> credential, because the intent is for future credentials to build on the
>> CPACC credential, not substitute for it.
>> *Preparing for the CPACC Certification Exam*
>> You will want to review the exam topics and study before the exam. The
>> IAAP will soon publish a "Body of Knowledge" document with more details
>> about the topics on the exam, and the IAAP will publish a list of providers
>> of certification preparation courses and materials.
>> *Questions?*
>> As Chair of the IAAP Certification Committee, I am happy to answer any
>> questions that you may have. This is an exciting development in the
>> accessibility field that will help raise the profession to the next level,
>> and will help to raise the profile of the profession in the eyes employers
>> who seek accessibility talent.
>> Paul Bohman, PhD
>> Director of Training, Deque Systems, Inc
>> 703-225-0380, ext.121

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