Re: Call for Review: WCAG 2.0 Techniques Draft Updates

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On Fri, 08 Jan 2016 01:00:38 +0100, Michael Cooper <> wrote:

> The following draft updates are available for review as Editors' Drafts:
> - Techniques for WCAG 2.0 Editors' Draft  
> - Understanding WCAG 2.0 Editors' Draft  
> The changes are highlighted in diff-marked versions at:
> -  
> -  

These are sort of helpful, but I'd actually appreciate pointers to the  
changes. In the 3000-page techniques, I counted 5, and the changes seem to  
take more time to work out from the available documents than it will take  
me to write them up for the rest of the world.

(Hint: one of them is to change the description "Script buttons" to  
"Buttons", for HTML buttons).

> Please send any comments on these Editors' Drafts by *29 January 2016*.

Sorry I wasn't able to work on that timeline, but then I don't think it  
matters much when you consider the comments - fixing things as one can  
seems to be the important goal here.

> Because this is a public review of changes to the Working Group Notes,  
> only comments on changes made since the last Notes will be processed  
> during this review; other comments will be saved and treated as comments  
> on the updated Notes once published. Comments and contributions for  
> additional WCAG 2.0 techniques can be sent via web form or e-mail, per:
> - Instructions for Commenting on WCAG 2.0 Documents  

It would have helped to provide the relevant info here:

You can make Pull Requests to http://guthub/com/w3c/wcag but there is a  
request not to do so in the README and a complex build system, you can use  
the form at or just send  
email to

In particular it would have helped because it took me about 5 minutes of  
chasing to discover that it is hard to understand how to make a simple  
edit, given the now-unusual method for constructing the Techniques  

All whinging aside, thank you for the updates. I'll work through them and  
provide comments as requested.


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