PDF's Exposed via Web Pages and Accessibility



I am currently working on a Customer Communications Management architecture
project for a financial services firm. One of the issues I have been asked
to investigate, from an architectural perspective, is the use of PDF files
embedded within a publicly available web page.


I have been reviewing the proposed refresh of the United States of America
Section 508 regulation, which specifically calls out using PDF/UA when
embedding PDF files into web pages:


In looking at this issue from an architectural perspective, it seems like
placing some form of validator in the delivery channels from PDF creator to
web page delivery would likely be necessary to insure all PDF's made
available for web page deployment were PDF/UA compliant.


I am hoping that subscribers to this W3C list with experience in this area
might be able to comment on best practices for embedding PDF files in web
pages and maintaining accessibility conformance (Examples: WCAG 2.0 and the
ISO Standard known as PDF/UA) going forward.




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