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'do not cross-site track' response to Aleecia's outline

ACTION-152 - Write up logged-in-means-out-of-band-consent

Action-157: Update logged-in consent proposal

action-159 Draft shorter language to describe conditions for consent

ACTION-172: Write up more detailed list of use cases for origin/origin exceptions

Agenda for 2012-04-04 call

Agenda for 24 April, 2012 call

agenda: 18 April 2012 call

Aleecia's Template for Issue-10, Issue-17, Issue 19

Alternative 6

An alternative to site-specific user granted exceptions (Issue-111)

An update on ISSUE-111: How user-agent can signal DNT exceptions to the site (ACTION-188)

Are blanked exceptions usable in the EU? [ISSUE-129]

AW: Data mining as a means to protect privacy in social networks

AW: Re: Behavior of user agents after granting exceptions

Behavior of user agents after granting exceptions

CDT's proposals re: template for parties and business uses

Clarification for ACTION-170: What is the use case?

CVS commit email list

deeper look at agenda items

EFF/Mozilla/Stanford Proposal

explicit-explicit exception pairs

F2F logistics

f2f logistics and agenda, please indicate if you're attending

first party resource

Fwd: ACTION-120 Web Wide Exemptions and JavaScript

Fwd: Impromptu Tech Policy Happy Hour - Weds 4/11

Geolocation compliance (ACTION-165)

is a site-wide exception 'safe'?

ISSUE-130: Web-wide exceptions - iare there objections to permitting those?

ISSUE-131: What should implementations look like to satisfy our exit criteria for CR?

ISSUE-132: Should the spec speak to intermediaries or hosting providers to modify any responses/statements about DNT compliance?

ISSUE-133: What effect does legal liability or consistent data practices between affiliates have on the definition of breadth of a party?

ISSUE-134: Would we additionally permit logs that are retained for a short enough period?

ISSUE-135: Draft Global Considerations document

ISSUE-137: Does hybrid tracking status need to distinguish between first party (1) and outsourcing service provider acting as a first party (s)

ISSUE-139: Should we have Web-Wide Exception via a Well-Known URI?

ISSUE-142: How should protocol data be allowed to be used in the first N weeks?

ISSUE-152: Write up logged-in-means-out-of-band-consent

ISSUE-49: Third party as first party - is a third party that collects data on behalf of the first party treated the same way as the first party?

ISSUE-60: proposed to close

Issues mentioned in the TPE document, or non-closed in the database and applying to TPE

Media requests

Minutes from DC, April 2012


next face-to-face meeting: June 20-22, Seattle

Notes from the Exception Working Group [ISSUE-113, ISSUE-128, ISSUE-129, ISSUE-130]

notes from TPE breakout section

on negotiating site exceptions

on users and user-agents and parties

Parties and First Party vs. Third Party (ISSUE-10)

Parties and Necessary Business Uses

Permitted behavior of third parties under user-granted exceptions?

Possible User Harms Through Multi-Site Data Collection (Group 2)

post-call housekeeping & upcoming discussions

Privacy Harms

process clarifications

reminder: doodle poll for f2f

reporters and observers

Scheduling for additional meeting -- prompt responses requested

social: drinks & dinners

table of 5 proposals

TPE Call for text proposals: ISSUE-128: HTTP error status code to signal that tracking is required?

TPE: Input for our discussions in DC

Tracking Preference Expression Spec Suggestion

Tracking Status Hybrid

tracking-ISSUE-136 (depends): Resolve dependencies of the TPE on the compliance specification [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-138: Web-Wide Exception Well Known URI [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-140: Do we need site-specific exceptions? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-141: Do a review of the Tracking Protection WG deliverables according to [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-143 (Reciprocal Consent): Activating a Tracking Preference must require explicit, informed consent from a user [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tree killer version: all 5 compliance proposals

Updated response to Aleecia's Template, Issue-10, Issue-17, Issue-19, Issue-22, Issue-24, Issue-25, Issue-31, Issue-49, Issue-73

Use cases for consideration as "Ongoing Security Concerns" for 3rd parties

W3C F2F logistics for Bellevue, WA

W3C TPWG Process Follow UP

Wish you a successful f2f meeting!

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