agenda: 18 April 2012 call

For this call, Matthias and I will split chairing. I was to get text to him; my fault this is late. 

Chair:		Aleecia & Matthias
Main topic:	Requesting 6 weeks, not 8 weeks, notice for the next f2f
			Lots of small clean up of actions and issues
			Auditing (issue-21)
			Threshold for consent to be tracked (issue-69)


1. Selection of scribe

2. Any comments on minutes:
	We have minutes from 2/29 - 4/4 listed as draft, some of which we've approved on prior calls. If you have any issues with the minutes leading up to the f2f in DC, please raise them. Otherwise, we will approve them.
	[Expect DC f2f minutes by the end of next week.]

Old business

3.  Review of overdue action items:

	We have a fair bit of cleanup here. We will try to get through this quickly, so I have some proposed updates below.

	Action-104, Amy Colando, drafting text for fraud/defense: Even though issue-24 is not closed, I think we can close this action, at least for now. We seem to be working up the stack a layer on permitted uses in general at the moment. 
	Action-120, Alexandros Deliyannis, web-wide exception API: It appears this action is done (see but issue-113 is still in discussion, I believe. Should we close the action?
	Action-131, Roy Fielding, Use case for user agent requests on tracking status resource: looks like this is still open, could use an update on status.
	Action-135, Shane Wiley, detail use case for issue-111 (dnt:2): this has been closed and reopened once. I *think* it should now be closed, but will hear from Shane to be sure. 
	Action-139, Tom Lowenthal, reword "affirmatively clicking" to something more general than clicking: this has been open 6 weeks. Would someone other than Tom be willing to pick it up? Shouldn't be too hard, should get done, but we need to get this out of lingering.
	Action-150, Ninja Marnau, EU legal implications of *: last we heard, Ninja and Shane were working on this together. Status now?
	Action-151, JC Cannon, personalization for logged in: has this been overtaken by new action items from the f2f?
	Action-152, Shane Wiley, logged in means consent: has this been overtaken by new action items from the f2f?
	Action-156, Heather West, change to "permitted uses" and "user granted exceptions": Heather's done some editorial work, this may be done. Status?

These I just took care of -- please let me know if I got something wrong
	Action-107, Amy Colando, action is closed with a no text proposal
	Action-123, Jeff Chester, response to 1st/3rd proposal: closed, as per WG call prior to f2f
	Action-124, Amy Colando, draft alternate 1st/3rd proposal: closed, likewise overtaken by events
	Action-141, Rigo Wenning, text around user agents and consent: leaving open, untouched. Rigo completed this action, to a bit of disagreement on the list. I think Rigo will not be able to make the call. We should pick this topic up and see if we can get a resolution on the next call he joins.
	Action-162, Erica Newland, remove note from section 5.3 now that we have consensus: status?
	Action-165, Ian Fette, geoloc compliance, non-normative text: status?
	Action-166, Heather West, updating text on "collection" &c: status?

New business

4. Request WG's permission to schedule next f2f with six weeks, not eight weeks, notice.

5. Compliance document issues, led by Aleecia: not to exceed 30 minutes
	We're going to clean up some pending review items against the Compliance document. 
	Action-56, Kevin Trilli, auditing compliance text. In DC we did not take this up because people had not had time to review the proposal. If Kevin or Alex are on the call, I will ask for a summary of their proposal for issue-21:  [I'm particularly confused by "TSLs"; I think this is just a very bad name space collision.] 
	Action-61, Tom Lowenthal, public commitments: we were postponing issue-45 until we had greater clarity on the TPE aspects of the response. Are we ready to pick this all back up again?

	Action-49, Shane, about permitted uses. I think the definitions proposed here are already incorporated in the two major proposals, though I also think we heard from Rob that tighter definitions would be quite helpful. Suggestion: we close this action and review text as part of the proposals.
	Action-72, Kathy Joe, text for issue-25, issue-74 on permitted uses: this action is done, but I think this is getting folded into the larger proposals. There's no "postponed" state for actions, and I don't want to close it quite yet -- leaving it as pending review seems the least wrong option this week.
	Action-73, action-74, action-76, action-77, action-78: these were the five views from Belgium (remember to forget me, etc.) Several of them have been incorporated in other ways. I suggest we close these now.
	Action-137, Tom Lowenthal, targeting based on registration: listed as pending review but does not link to an email thread. Status?

	Issue-99, How does DNT work with Identity providers: I think we're in broad agreement that identity providers are not first parties. Looking to make sure I am correct, and looking for someone to take an action item to write this down.
	Issue-88, different rules for ad impressions and interactions: I do believe we can close this as "yes." Impressions -> 3rd party, interactions -> 1st party. 
	Issue-69, three proposals for what it means to give consent to be tracked. See -- do we have any consensus here?

	Housekeeping changes - again please let me know if I got anything wrong:
	Issue-28 was closed adopting the text from action-58; closed action-58.
	Issue-6 was closed; closed action-101 to revise issue-6.
	Action-103, Frank Wagner, EU controller v. data processor language: this action is done. We've agreed to move the text to the Global Considerations document. Closed action-103, added an action against me to migrate the text from issue-14 into the (does not exist yet) Global Considerations text.
	Issue-26, providing data to 3rd parties and consent: comments say we closed it and why, yet it remained open. Closed now.

6. TPE document issues, led by Matthias and editors


7. Announce next meeting & adjourn

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