Re: on negotiating site exceptions

On Apr 9, 2012, at 7:18 PM, Lauren Gelman wrote:

>> I agree that this depends on UAs being willing to implement this JavaScript API, manage the client-side state and potentially create new UI.
> Nick-- Maybe this is too simple a question, but if browsers do not do it, can third parties (like a browser plug-in) do it?  Can they access the API stream to provide a one-stop shop for managing site specific and web wide exceptions (and out-of band ones as well, though not from the API).

Yes, browser extensions and plug-ins are definitely candidates to implement Do Not Track on the browser side, including user-granted exceptions handling. I think, though I haven't confirmed, that most of the browser's plug-in APIs will provide enough hooks for third parties to build complete implementations as extensions.

I think many of us hope that browser vendors themselves will implement a Do Not Track option and so knowing whether they are likely to implement these features is still useful for us.


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