Agenda for 2012-04-04 call

Chair: Aleecia
Main topic: External guests

This call is going to be different from prior calls. There have been many recent events outside of the WG that could inform our decisions. Again: we do not need to follow what any other group would like us to do. But we should have an understanding of the larger world. My goal for this call is to improve the quality of discussions in DC by improving the background knowledge we have, similar to our five minute lightning talks during breaks in Santa Clara. 

Our guests are not able to stay for the full call. We will be keeping strictly to time limits, including starting on time. Guests have been asked to leave ten minutes at the end for questions. Please type your questions into IRC as we go and I'll ask as many as there are time for at the end. I will prioritize questions that are relevant to active discussions within the WG. Questions of general curiosity we will not have time to address. 

If you have time to refresh your memory of the DAA and FTC documents prior to the call, please see and

Thanks to Stu and Chris for their time tomorrow!


1. Selection of scribe

New business

2. Chris Olsen, summarizing relevant parts of the recently released FTC report [ first 30 minutes of the call ]

3. Stu Ingis, summarizing the DAA's principles [ second 30 minutes of the call ]

4. Status check on five major bits of text we are expecting no later than Friday to allow time for review:
 - Tom, response mechanism
 - Combined compliance issues, 
 Jonathan, Shane, David Singer, John Simson. Possible addition of Justin.

5. Discussion of agenda for f2f meeting


6. Announce next meeting & adjourn

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