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Issues mentioned in the TPE document, or non-closed in the database and applying to TPE

From: David Singer <singer@apple.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 10:52:57 -0400
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For your informationů

If anyone wants to help reconcile any of these statuses, please address Matthias, Roy, or myself, in the first place.  

Issue	Tracker	Document	Section	Title	Comment
ISSUE-116	Raised	Open	4.3.3	How can we build a JS DOM property which doesn't allow inline JS to receive mixed signals?	 
ISSUE-124	Open	Pend Rev	5.1.2	How shall we express responses from a site to a user agent (headers, URIs, ...)?	 
ISSUE-130	Open	 	 	Site-specific Exceptions b) Global Exception for Third Parties (thisthirdparty, anywhere) [refining ISSUE-111]	part of 111?
ISSUE-129	Open	 	 	Site-specific Exceptions a) Blanket Exceptions (mysite, any-third party) [refining ISSUE-111]	part of 111?
ISSUE-128	Open	Pend Rev	5.3	HTTP error status code to signal that tracking is required?	 
ISSUE-120	Open	Pend Rev	5.2.1	Should the response header be mandatory (MUST) or recommended (SHOULD)	 
ISSUE-112	Open	Open	6.3.1	How are sub-domains handled for site-specific exceptions?	 
ISSUE-111	Open	Open	4.1, 4.2, 6, 6.3.2	Signaling state/existence of site-specific exceptions	ACTION-135
ISSUE-113	Open	Open	6.7	Should there be a JavaScript API to prompt for a Web-wide exception?	ACTION-120
ISSUE-115	Open	Open	6	Should sites be able to manage site-specific tracking exceptions outside of the user-agent-managed system?	 
ISSUE-107	Pend Rev	Pend Rev	5.2.1	Exact format of the response header?	 
ISSUE-84	Pend Rev	Open	4.3.3	Make DNT status available to JavaScript	 
ISSUE-125	Pend Rev	Open	4.3.3	Way to test if a given user agent supports DNT	 
ISSUE-47	Pend Rev	Pend Rev	5.1.2	Should the response from the server indicate a policy that describes the DNT practices of the server?	 
ISSUE-117	RAISED	Open	1	Terms: tracking v. cross-site tracking	Linked to the other spec. in the issue database
ISSUE-108	CLOSED	Pend Rev	4.5	Should/could the tracking preference expression be extended to other protocols beyond HTTP?	 
ISSUE-61	POSTPONED	Pend Rev	5.1.2	A site could publish a list of the other domains that are associated with them	 
ISSUE-118	CLOSED	Pend Rev	6	Should requesting a user-agent-managed site-specific exception be asynchronous?	 
ISSUE-109	CLOSED	Pend Rev	6.4.2	siteSpecificTrackingExceptions property has fingerprinting risks: is it necessary?	 
ISSUE-114	CLOSED	Pend Rev	6.8	Guidance or mitigation of fingerprinting risk for user-agent-managed site-specific tracking exceptions	 
ISSUE	 	Open	6.5	Should there be a normative requirement for the existence of a revocation mechanism? (raised by npdoty)	 
ACTION-131	Open	 	 	Sketch use case for user agent requests on tracking status resource	 
ACTION-135	Open	 	 	Detail use case for ISSUE-111 (DNT;2)	 
ACTION-145	Open	 	 	Tk: Response Header / Tracking Status Resource Hybrid	 
ACTION-150	Open	 	 	Analyse EU legal implications of exceptions to (thissite, *)	 
ACTION-120	Open	 	 	Write a proposal on web-wide exception API (for ISSUE-113) (with npdoty)	 

Dave Singer


David Singer
Multimedia and Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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