post-call housekeeping & upcoming discussions

We handled many changes in real time on the call (thanks to Ian, Nick, and Matthias!) Here are a few I cleaned up after the call. Please let me know if I got anything wrong:

	- Closed action-56 (proposed text from Kevin et al on auditing) which will be addressed by action-185 (add an array of auditors as an optional field for the response) and set action-185 as TPE, no longer compliance
	- Closed action-49 (operational carve-outs from Shane) since that's going into a larger proposal. Note that Rob commented that tighter definitions would be "crucial," not just helpful.
	- Moved action-72 to open, renamed to "Draft text on issue-25, issue-74" (had been "Review aleecia's draft on issue-25, issue-74" which was never true: I did not work on this.)
	- Closed action-137 (proposal on first-party targeting based on registration from Tom)
	- Closed action-73, action-74, action-76, action-77, action-78: these were the five views from Belgium (remember to forget me, etc.) which are incorporated in other drafts
	- Closed issue-88, different rules for impression of & interaction w/ 3rd party content

Quick summary of status:
	18 open issues against Compliance 
	15 open issues against TPE

In the next few weeks I expect a flurry of closing big issues and a bit of opening smaller subparts of issues based on the combined proposal Shane and Tom are working on this week. Here are my current expectations for the next few weeks, which may change as we get closer:
	Next week's call (25 April) will be on the Compliance document. There should be quite a bit of text to review shortly after that call, so we'll give people time to review that and skip a week on Compliance.

	2 May call will be on DNE

	9 May call will be on Compliance, and will be a fairly substantive call as we walk through the combined proposal.

Still looking for a Last Call document in June. By mid-May, you might want to circulate drafts within your organization to make sure there are no issues we've missed addressing. Please do not show up with a list of new issues for the first time on 15 June if that's something you could at all possibly avoid.


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