Re: explicit-explicit exception pairs


interesting issue. Your suggestion of total bundling is not absolutely 
necessary. I agree it is rather an UI issue. I can allow an 
explicit/explicit and have a simple UI shortcut saying "all third parties on 
this site" which in turn will trigger */* for explicit/explicit. The 
Specification itself only needs to mention explicit/explicit as all other 
cases are simplifications that cluster some amount of explicit/explicit 

Most browsers allow for individual management of cookies, but also offer 
rules like "all third party cookies" . Here you could do the same..


On Tuesday 24 April 2012 15:39:22 Ian Fette wrote:
> I've done a quick writeup for ACTION-173 to describe the problems around
> (explicit,explicit) exception pairs, including a screenshot of what I view
> to be our rather problematic attempt at applying this to geolocation
> permissions in Chrome. The writeup with screenshots is at
> -tniA/edit
> I've included the contents below, but I suspect it will probably get
> munged by mailing lists and drop images etc. You're probably better off
> viewing the google doc via the link above, but for the sake of archival
> I've copied the body into this email.
>   *Perils of cross-products in settings

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