next face-to-face meeting: June 20-22, Seattle


As mentioned on the call today, a huge THANK YOU to Microsoft for finding space for our merry band again, this time in Seattle. Thank you to Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! for hosting for food. Your company is welcome to help too -- if you'd like to contribute, please let us know!

We will be meeting 20th, 21st, and 22nd of June. Note that the 22nd is a Friday and the doodle poll shows more people cannot attend. We will structure that as a half day to let people catch flights out. JC may have ideas on hotels as we get closer to June. As always, you are free to make your own arrangements. 

Our goal for the June f2f is to walk out with a Last Call document. Ideally, like in Santa Clara, we walk in with text that is very close to complete so we can nail it down in person. To get to Last Call, we have eight weeks in which to: 
	(a) get agreement on the remaining big issues we're currently discussing 
	(b) have solid text where we're down a well-defined set of changes to work through in Seattle
	(c) address all issues
	(d) freeze new issues from the TPWG
	(e) be ready to invite comments from the larger world
	(f) record formal objections, if any

This is a lot of work. We need calls where action items are completed, so we're able to talk through proposals, modify, and adopt texts.  We have a small number of deeply busy people, and some very smart folks who are not as involved as they could be. Remember: if you hit action item overload, there's nothing wrong with reaching out to someone else in the WG to collaborate, to write sections for you, or to take on the entire action. Non-WG members cannot write text due to IP issues.

Thanks again to Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! with hero points to JC Cannon. 

I look forward to seeing you in Seattle!


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