Possible User Harms Through Multi-Site Data Collection (Group 2)

Possible User Harms Through Multi-Site Data Collection

*        Government requests (unexpected source of evidence)

*        Data breach (inadvertent disclosure - embarrassment, singled-out or targeted in some fashion)

*        Internal bad actor (in EU becomes controller of their own and takes on liability)

(Above this line survives Shane & Team proposal, below the line is removed by Shane & Team proposal)

*        Creepy/chill factor - Tracking users across domains to modify their experience outside of their knowledge or control

*        Denial of employment, finance/credit, healthcare treatment, insurance

*        Discrimination:  price, offer, eligibility, redlining

*        Content exclusion (filter bubble - diminished diversity - advertiser enforced confirmation bias)

*        Modifying a user's experience based on the discovery/allegation of sensitive information

*        Secondary use in violation of external promises or silent norms

*        Sharing or selling to a 3rd party

*        Unsolicited or unwanted marketing (annoyance factor)

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