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"Header information" RE: REF 3.2 Change "unambiguously" to "first listing".

* FW: Accessible Websites

19 Jun 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes

21 and 22 November face-to-face in Tokyo

24 Sept Techniques Task Force telecon Summary

25 Sept WCAG WG telecon summary

8 and 9 September Techniques Task Force meeting

[#293] Summary for tables

[#338] Proposed text

[166] Organize documents so they may be read without style sheets

[320] Ability to be expressed in words

[330] Acronyms and abbreviations

[eeurope-pwd] New possibility for discussion STANDARDISATION issues

[Fwd: On reading...]

[html-techs] New HTML Techniques for WCAG 2.0 *rough* draft

[lexical (+ contextual) clarification] Re: proposal 3: checkpoint 3.3

[TECH] Colour Difference Algorithm

[TECH] links

[techlunch] Website owners face prosecution

[techs] - questions for rdf techs document

[techs] 23 July IRC log, 20 action items

[techs] EXTENDED Techniques teleconference 03 September 2003

[techs] EXTENDED Techniques teleconference 13 August 2003

[techs] EXTENDED Techniques teleconference 20 August 2003

[techs] EXTENDED Techniques teleconference 23 July 2003

[techs] EXTENDED Techniques teleconference 27 August 2003

[techs] Gateway doc

[techs] HTML Techs Checklist Items as T/F statements

[techs] html-techs draft

[techs] IRC log of 30 July techs task force telecon

[techs] log from today's telecon

[TECHS] Longdesc in Frames

[techs] new HTML Techniques draft, minor edits

[techs] pronunciation of emoticons and symbols

[techs] Summary of Face to Face, 08 and 09 September 2003

[techs] Summary of Techniques teleconference 17 September 2003

[techs] Summary of Techniques teleconferences 06 August 2003

[techs] Summary of Techniques teleconferences 13 August 2003

[techs] Summary/Minutes of July 16 Techniques Call

[techs] Techniques teleconference 01 October 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 09 July 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 16 July 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 17 September 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 24 September 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 30 July 2003

[techs] Use cases for techniques

[techs]Gateway doc

Accessible games - advice welcome

accessiblepages about accessibility

Accesskey: there are "techniques"?

Achromatopsia (was: Color)

Acrobat 6.0 Question

Action item: Accessibility and conformance section

Action item: Re #320 and REF 1.1a ability to be expressed in words

Action item: Used cases described

action: what happened to "logical, linear, reading order"

Ad conformance


Agenda - REGRETS (no message)

AGENDA and Issue groupings for this week's meeting

Agenda for 7/18/2003

Agenda for Tomorrow

another minor charter edit


apologies for 4 sept

Apologies for Being Off WAIGL for Some Time

Areas of concern for the cognitively disabled

Areas of concern for the cognitively disabled (symbol users)


Call for Review: Working Draft of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

Captioned music videos (was: #320 and REF 1.1a ability to be expressed in words)

Captioning of SIgn language?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), W3C Pages and Macs

Checking spelling in input areas

Checkpoint 2.1 [Core], Success criterion 1

Checkpoint 2.3 Avoid causing the screen to flicker.

Checkpoint 3.1 - Identifying language

Checkpoint 3.1 - Identifying language (authoring burden)

Checkpoint 3.3 Editorial Suggestion


Comments on Joe Clark's WCAG review

conformance attached

Conformance Claims

Conformance Claims - proposal

Conformance levels and best practices

Conformance levels and core /extended

Conformance levels and core /extended - Take 2

Conformance vs. Certification

Content is no more complex than necessary

ContextHelp vs. Title...

Controlled language for WCAG

Core WCAG 2.0 vs. Level 2 WCAG 1.0

Demarcating URLs (was: This week's agenda)

Dialpad: top pc-2-phone tool

Dr. Graham Harding to visit WCAG Working Group

Draft Notes on Web Accessibility from Prospective of Various Countries

Draft of Gateway Techniques

DRAFT WCAG 2.0 Implementation Testing Framework

English as a Second Language

Equation for determining color "closeness"

Feedback from QAWG re: implementation testing

Fourth Annual 'E-Government' Survey: Readability is Problem for State, Federal Government Web Sites

Gateway Techniques

Hiding email addresses in an accessible way

irc from today's telecon

IRC log from 24 July 2003 WCAG telecon

IRC log from 3 Sept techs task force telecon

IRC log from 7 August 2003 telecon

IRC log from today's techniques task force telecon

IRC transcript from today's call

Jakob Nielsen Column -- PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption

Jaws Version 5.0 beta (long)

Kynn's Review of WCAG 2.0 Draft (24 June 2003)

late late regrets

Late regrets

Legal not illegal docs in USA

LINK text

Links from Yvette

Lists functioning?

log from 21 august telecon

Macromedia Flash Ads

Minor edits to the draft charter

My details

NCD Says Web Sites need to be accessible to people with Disabilties

Need response by 3pm EDT 26 Sept re: meeting in November in Japan

New Version: Web Publishing Accessibility Wizard for MS Office

Notes for WCAG f2f @ T.O.

Notes from Face to Face: Things being looked for in 2.0

Outlet for Authors to override guidelines

Penn State University Rolls Out Web Accessibility Program


PlanITROI Weekly Specials 9-23-03

proposal 1: 4.2

proposal 2 : 4.1

proposal 3: checkpoint 3.3

Providing a glossary link

QA Ops Guidelines and WCAG WG (2nd try)

received your email

REF 1.1a - Add definition to 1.1 for ability to be expressed in words

REF 1.1b - Checkpoint 1.1 - Requirement for full text script of all movies

REF 1.3 - Adding color to 1.3

REF 1.5a - Making 1.5 item #1 under Best practice (or Level 2) more definite

REF 1.5b - Need for consistency in best practice phrasing across checkpoints

REF 1.6 - New Success Criteria

REF 2.2 - Two new best practice items for 2.2

REF 2.3 - Delete item 3 from 2.3

REF 2.4a - Add another best practice checkpoint for 2.4

REF 2.4b - a second required success criteria

REF 3.1 - Add specificity to required checkpoint.

REF 3.1 TAKE 2 - Add specificity to required checkpoint.

REF 3.2 Change "unambiguously" to "first listing".

REF 3.4 layout - success criteria add

REF 4.3 needs to be rewritten.

REF ALL of them - Need for explicit rationale for placement of each item in required, Level 2, or best practice

REF Editorial Suggestions for Guidelines.

REF: 4.1 Move deprecated features


Regrest for today


Regrets (was RE: Agenda for Tomorrow)

REGRETS - 8/28/03 (message)

REGRETS - No Message

Regrets 11 Sept

Regrets 24 and 25 September

Regrets 25 September

Regrets 27/08/2003 - Unavoidabley detained.

Regrets 8/28 (Not Available/Not Up2Date on WCAG 2.0)

REGRETS Beyond Late

Regrets for 24 and 31 July and 7 August

Regrets for 24 sept

Regrets for 4 Sept - late

Regrets for 4 Sept - staff meeting

Regrets for 8/21 (no message)

Regrets for 8/21 and 8/28

Regrets for a while

Regrets for Roberto Castaldo

regrets for Sept 4

Regrets for tech meetings 13 + 20 August

regrets for the next 3 weeks

Regrets for this week

regrets for this week and next

regrets for this week; request for scribe

Regrets for This Weeks Teleconference

Regrets for today

regrets for tomorrow

REGRETS for Tomorrow - July 23, 2003

regrets for tomorrow and next week

Regrets, Techniques teleconference 20 August 2003

Regrets, teleconference 14 August

Regrets, teleconference 17 September 2003

Regrets, teleconferences 3-4 September 2003

Reorg 4

REORG proposal #2 from Cynthia

Reorganization proposal

Requirements for WCAG2 versus actual doc

Research Query

Results of informal survey of link usage

Review Draft

Review Draft: "Additional notes"

Scope of WCAG 2.0 (was: Re: Minor edits to the draft charter)

Screen reader invisibility

Sept. 11 Minutes

Sept. 18 Mintues

short timeline = busy summer

Some comments

Some more Editorial Items

Some photos from the f2f

sorry, late regrets (no message)

sorry, late regrets (no msg)

Subjects that don't convey meaning

Submit Event: RE: Automatic submission of forms and screen changes

Survey: Emoticons for screen readers

Table Techniques

Table Techniques - Caption

Table Techniques - Header Markup Layout Tables

Table Techniques - Summary

techniques (html): action items for

Techniques doc 2.0 edits to some text

Techniques revision - Meaningful link names

Techniques Task Force F2F week of 8 Sept



the 3-column float shuffle

The Disunity of W3C Specs

This week's agenda

Title Checks

Today's Audio-Conference (9/11/03)

Tomorrow's agenda

Tomorrow's agenda - REGRETS

Transform 2004: Assistive Technology and Inclusion: 10th July UMIST Manchester UK

Uk accessibility Survey

Ultimate tersification, please!

Usage of links in HTML

Use Cases

W3C Weekly News - 12 August 2003

W3C Weekly News - 20 September 2003

W3C Weekly News - 26 August 2003

W3C Weekly News - 27 June 2003

W3C Weekly News - 29 July 2003

W3C Weekly News - 3 September 2003

W3C Weekly News - 5 August 2003

W3C Weekly News - 9 September 2003

WCAG 2.0 -> 3 - Bottom Layer (Server Side Techniques)

WCAG 2.0 Call comments on Slashdot

WCAG 2.0 Checkpoint "Handles" or Short Names

WCAG 2.0 Draft Comments

WCAG Theme

WCAG Theme Song for mp3 Download

WCAG theme song hits the charts

WCAG2.0 Draft (A Question)

WCAG2: 3 - Bottom layer - Technology-specific application information

Web Accessibility: New LIFT NN/g product with product review

Wicked screensaver

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