Re: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), W3C Pages and Macs

Nope, this document does not validate. It was published to show a prototype 
for an idea.  The XML needs to be cleaned up and the document needs to be 

At 08:24 PM 8/28/2003, Joe Clark wrote:

> > I tested the links or one link from today's Techniques Audio Conference
> > ([15]
>and I don't know what that's all about, but it is not valid HTML.
>One of those eat-your-own-vegan-dogfood things.
>The CSS validates, though, if you can dig around to find the right URL.
> > I recall some months back, we discussed the importance of assuring that web
> > accessibility cross the operating system divide and we needed to look 
> at how
> > things render on Macs.
>1. Write valid code
>2. Tweak for known incompatibilities in target browsers
>Action 2 above includes Macs and various other platforms, of course.
>For both 1 and 2, read _Designing with Web Standards_ by Zeldman, among
>many other widely-available sources.
>A *lot* of people working in Web accessibility use Macintosh or are
>outright Macintosh separatists. I do not think WAI is in much of a
>position to use its own invalid documents as models of CSS-based design,
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