from July to September 2005 by thread

(double) regrets for Oct. 4 Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 30 September)

2005-09-27 minutes Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 28 September)

Oh, and... Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 28 September)

WSDL happiness Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 28 September)

Protocol Schema Changes Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 28 September)

Regrets for DAWG Oct4 telcon, at risk for Oct11 Dave Beckett (Tuesday, 27 September)

twinql Retrospective motivates DESCRIBE refinement? Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 27 September)

Regrests for todays telecon Steve Harris (Tuesday, 27 September)

Update and issues: ACTION: LeeF to draft WSDL 1.1 for SPARQL thingy with AndyS and Elias Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 27 September)

Oedipus test case (OWL-DL semantics) Bijan Parsia (Tuesday, 27 September)

Yet Another Point of Entailment/Virtual Graph point of clarification Bijan Parsia (Monday, 26 September)

Approving more tests? Steve Harris (Monday, 26 September)

SyntaxDev tests Steve Harris (Monday, 26 September)

agenda: RDF Data Access 27 Sep Dan Connolly (Monday, 26 September)

ACTION: EricP to extend < and relational ops to string, get review by Andy Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 26 September)

[Fwd: inconsistent use of terminology in SPARQL query language document] Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 26 September)

redefining a namespace prefix and Base IRI definition Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 23 September)

apologies, regrets, having been taken to task. Pat Hayes (Thursday, 22 September)

thoughts from Tuesday telecon Pat Hayes (Thursday, 22 September)

SyntaxDev grammar tests review Dave Beckett (Thursday, 22 September)

SPARQL Protocol Review and Comments David Wood (Tuesday, 20 September)

Re: [Fwd: Comments on SPARQL] (entailment, soundness, completeness) Enrico Franconi (Monday, 19 September)

On the semantics of optional Enrico Franconi (Monday, 19 September)

Adoption of entailment in SPARQL Enrico Franconi (Monday, 19 September)

Type errors with xsd:boolean arguments Dave Beckett (Monday, 19 September)

regrets for dawg telcon 2005-09-20 Dave Beckett (Monday, 19 September)

agenda: RDF Data Access WG meeting on rdfSemantics, owlDisjunction 20 Sep Dan Connolly (Saturday, 17 September)

Minutes of RDF Data Access WG 2005-09-13 Dave Beckett (Thursday, 15 September)

Namespace for sparql-protocol-types? Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 14 September)

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL Protocol for RDF Ian B. Jacobs (Wednesday, 14 September)

SPARQL Protocol 20050914 published Eric Prud'hommeaux (Wednesday, 14 September)

IRI references rewording Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 14 September)

issue#rdfSemantics : use cases Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 14 September)

regrets Jeen Broekstra (Tuesday, 13 September)

tech plenary logistics: Mon/Tue or Thu/Fri? Dan Connolly (Monday, 12 September)

Agenda: RDF Data Access WG 13 Sep Dan Connolly (Monday, 12 September)

DAWG scribe 13Sep? Dan Connolly (Monday, 12 September)

1.71 editor's draft ready for LC pub Kendall Clark (Monday, 12 September)

Fwd: Comments on last-call SPARQL draft 20050721, section 2 Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 12 September)

[Fwd: RE: Example Errors (sections 8, 9, 10)] Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 8 September)

considering new issues: rdfSemantics, owlIntegration, owlDisjunction Dan Connolly (Thursday, 8 September)

Comments on SPARQL Ian Horrocks (Thursday, 8 September)

(Struggling for) Clarification about RDF Graph Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 7 September)

boolean operators and type errors Jeen Broekstra (Wednesday, 7 September)

[Fwd: Some typos in WD] Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 7 September)

SPARQL schedule: good news Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 6 September)

09/06/05 Minutes Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 6 September)

Re: Roman Numeral test Was: Bug: "A value disjunction that encounters a type error on only one branch will return the result of evaluating the other branch." Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 6 September)

11.2.2 EBV and type errors Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 6 September)

updated Kendall Clark (Monday, 5 September)

agenda: RDF Data Access 6 Sep Dan Connolly (Monday, 5 September)

Applogies for telecon of 2005-09-06 Steve Harris (Monday, 5 September)

implementation expectation/experience in euler (Friday, 2 September)

Comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF" Enrico Franconi (Friday, 2 September)

test? Enrico Franconi (Friday, 2 September)

Syntax tests checked into the test area Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 31 August)

rq23 grammar now in yacker Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 31 August)

some rq23 grammar comments Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 31 August)

Minutes of 2005-08-30 telecon Elias Torres (Tuesday, 30 August)

Typo in example in Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 30 August)

Review of Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 30 August)

agenda: RDF Data Access 30Aug Dan Connolly (Monday, 29 August)

regrets for dawg 30 aug telcon Dave Beckett (Thursday, 25 August)

rq23 grammar update Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 24 August)

regrets Yoshio Fukushige (Tuesday, 23 August)

better names for r:IRI and r:Literal Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 22 August)

SPARQL protocol spec checking: query syntax checking works Dan Connolly (Friday, 19 August)

Passing test ExprBuiltins/result-str-2.ttl relies on an xsd:integer lexical form Dave Beckett (Thursday, 18 August)

"Discussion of Alternative Schema Languages and Type System Support in WSDL 2.0" Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 17 August)

WSDL 2.0 issues Kendall Clark (Monday, 15 August)

Review of Steve Harris (Monday, 15 August)

Sorting Steve Harris (Monday, 15 August)

agenda: RDF Data Access 16 Aug in progress Dan Connolly (Friday, 12 August)

Possible grammar bug with PrimaryExpression and ArgList Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 10 August)

Protocol tests take 2 Steve Harris (Wednesday, 10 August)

Minutes of RDF DAWG telcon 2005-08-09 for review Janne Saarela (Tuesday, 9 August)

Example protocol test Steve Harris (Tuesday, 9 August)

WSDL 2.0: speak now or forever hold your peace Dan Connolly (Monday, 8 August)

protocol draft updated Kendall Clark (Monday, 8 August)

construct test, re-revised Kendall Clark (Monday, 8 August)

Roman numeral test Dave Beckett (Monday, 8 August)

agenda: RDF Data Access 9 Aug Dan Connolly (Monday, 8 August)

on "ORDER with IRIs" comment and user-selectable collation units Dan Connolly (Monday, 8 August)

Andy's review of the the protocol doc (part II) Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 8 August)

construct test case, revised Kendall Clark (Friday, 5 August)

construct test Kendall Clark (Friday, 5 August)

writing a triple filter? Kendall Clark (Friday, 5 August)

Andy's review of the the protocol doc (part I) Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 4 August)

clearing up CONSTRUCT's capabilities Kendall Clark (Thursday, 4 August)

[Fwd: SPARQL: Backslashes in string literals] Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 4 August)

[Fwd: SPARQL variable names syntax] Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 4 August)

ACTION SteveH: update test matierials to show extendedType-eq-pass-result.n3 Steve Harris (Wednesday, 3 August)

sop:str Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 3 August)

Minutes of the DAWG telecon 2005-08-02 Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 3 August)

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format Ian B. Jacobs (Tuesday, 2 August)

regrets for 23 august Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 2 August)

regrets for Aug 16 Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 2 August)

regrets for Aug 9, 16, 23 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 August)

regrets for aug 9 telcon Jeen Broekstra (Tuesday, 2 August)

new ValueTesting tests Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 2 August)

modifications to ValueTesting/extendedType-ne-fail Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 2 August)

last call status report Dan Connolly (Monday, 1 August)

ACTION: EricP to finish ValueTesting/extendedType-eq-pass-result.n3 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 1 August)

agenda: RDF Data Access 2 Aug (in progress) Dan Connolly (Monday, 1 August)

minutes: RDF Data Access 26 July for review Dan Connolly (Monday, 1 August)

[Fwd: Editorial comment on SPARQL Query Language Last Call] Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 1 August)

[Fwd: SPARQL: QuotedIRIref too lax] Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 1 August)

[Fwd: SPARQL: Misspelled terms] Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 1 August)

[Fwd: Sparql editorial comment: acknowledge prior art] Seaborne, Andy (Sunday, 31 July)

DAWG draft meeting record 26-July Eric Prud'hommeaux (Thursday, 28 July)

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL Protocol for RDF Ian B. Jacobs (Thursday, 28 July)

rq23 & protocol spec? Kendall Clark (Thursday, 28 July)

protocol editor's draft: 1.53 Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 27 July)

sparql test for order by and distinct Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 27 July)

SPARQL Query Results XML Format - last call work Dave Beckett (Tuesday, 26 July)

agenda: RDF Data Access 26 Jul Dan Connolly (Monday, 25 July)

Issue queryMimeType - a mime type for the SPARQL Query Language Dave Beckett (Monday, 25 July)

explicit Unicode/charmod alphabet re "Charmod conformance" Dan Connolly (Monday, 25 July)

local.css v1.7 Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 25 July)

ISSUE resultsMimeType - a mime type for the SPARQL Query Results format Dave Beckett (Monday, 25 July)

move conventional prefixes closer to explanation of data, results notations? Dan Connolly (Monday, 25 July)

Editorial comments :: 2005Jul/{0028,0029,0041} Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 25 July)

Review of Steve Harris (Sunday, 24 July)

tidying references, removing link to test-manifest.n3 link; editorial, right? Dan Connolly (Sunday, 24 July)

QuotedIRIref corner cases Dan Connolly (Sunday, 24 July)

valueTesting optional and error cases Dan Connolly (Sunday, 24 July)

more tidying references Dan Connolly (Saturday, 23 July)

ACTION: LeeF ... to review XML results set format. - Resend Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 22 July)

ACTION: LeeF ... to review XML results set format. Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 22 July)

editorial comments on SPARQL Query Results XML Format editors draft Jeen Broekstra (Friday, 22 July)

BASE IRI resolution: syntax-based normalization and/or scheme-based normalization? Dan Connolly (Friday, 22 July)

[Fwd: Re: SPARQL: sparqlResults namespace] Dan Connolly (Friday, 22 July)

SPARQL QL Last Call WD published Dan Connolly (Thursday, 21 July)

SPARQL Query Results XML Format ready for review Dave Beckett (Thursday, 21 July)

Minutes of 2005-07-19 telecon Elias Torres (Tuesday, 19 July)

CFP Australasian Ontology Workshop bhavna (Tuesday, 19 July)

Experience with SPARQL/P/SOAP/Axis Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 18 July)

agenda: RDF Data Access 19 Jul Dan Connolly (Monday, 18 July)

Regrets Hiroyuki Sato (Sunday, 17 July)

Regrets for July Janne Saarela (Sunday, 17 July)

Prevelance of bNode-as-URI queries Steve Harris (Thursday, 14 July)

Introduction: Elias Torres and Lee Feigenbaum - IBM Lee Feigenbaum (Wednesday, 13 July)

Updated SPARQL Query Results XML Format draft Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 13 July)

Possible SPARQL test case fixes Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 13 July)

ACTION: Review regex text Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 13 July)

ACTION: review bnodes text Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 12 July)

Minutes of 2005-07-12 telecon Steve Harris (Tuesday, 12 July)

Re: Blank Nodes and SPARQL Kendall Clark (Monday, 11 July)

agenda: RDF Data Access 12 Jul Dan Connolly (Monday, 11 July)

POLL: F2F in BRS 10-11 Aug Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 8 July)

DAWG meeting record 5 July 2005 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Thursday, 7 July)

( items ) patterns used in queries (Tuesday, 5 July)

SPARQL QL LC schedule Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 5 July)

regrets Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Tuesday, 5 July)

Re: Review: Query Result Form --> need COUNT ? Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 5 July)

agenda: RDF Data Access 5 July Dan Connolly (Sunday, 3 July)

Re: F2F6 offer : (was: Agenda: RDF Data Access 14Jun) Dan Connolly (Friday, 1 July)

Re: rq23 v1.409 (LC status update) Dan Connolly (Friday, 1 July)

agenda 5 July DAWG telcon at risk: cancel? Dan Connolly (Friday, 1 July)

Review Comments Souripriya Das (Friday, 1 July)

Example for sop:datatype Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 1 July)

datatype() Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 1 July)

Re: Refining Optionals Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 1 July)

regrets for july 5 Jeen Broekstra (Friday, 1 July)

regrets for july 5 Jeen Broekstra (Friday, 1 July)

Regrets for 5 July 2005 telcon Dave Beckett (Friday, 1 July)

Re: rq23 v1.409 Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 1 July)

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