protocol draft updated



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Revision 1.57  2005/08/08 20:55:08  kclark
- many tweaks resulting from Andy Seaborne's review, including:
  s/RDF dataset/RDF dataset description/
  s/XML type/instance of an XML type/ (did this by hand, not s&r)
  killed the bit about "equivalent serialization"
- added new examples from Elias Torres
- added examples for fault returns
- changed CONSTRUCT example: complex FILTER, con-neg
- changed may to must for query req refused fault
- changed must to may for malformed query fault

And some other tiny changes.

My TODO list still has:

1. finish describing HTTP bindings (& write some text for the two remaining
HTTP examples that don't have any descriptive text)
2. Add a definition of "service" from WSDL 2 or from earlier protocol draft
3. add SOAP bindings to WSDL
4. finish describing SOAP bindings & example
5. review sparql-protocol-types.xsd changes
6. synchronize WSDL, WXS, and spec extracts therefrom


Received on Monday, 8 August 2005 21:00:47 UTC