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Please find http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/DataAccess/proto-wd/

 $Log: Overview.html,v $
 Revision 1.67  2005/09/05 17:08:18  kclark
 - start of soap bindings description, which is unfinished
 [Revision 1.66 & 1.65 were minor HTML tweaks]
 Revision 1.64  2005/09/05 16:57:42  kclark
 - changed TOC
 - removed Accept: from all examples but the con-neg example
 - changed sparql-query to query (In Message type name)
 - noted risk with WSDL2
 - removed output and fault serialization IMTs from HTTP bindings
 - finished description of HTTP bindings
 - lots of editorial tweaks from EricP
 - added normative reference to RDF concepts

I believe this version discharges all my outstanding ACTIONs related to the
editor's draft, as well as some other document changes I'd promised (most
notably, to have a more W3C-regular table of contents and section numbering
style). It also completes all of the internal TODO markers, except for:

 1. inclusion of the autogenerated HTTP examples (though those won't change
 in substance, so it could be LC without those changes made) (as well as
inclusion, in an Appendix, of one or two actual HTTP traces)
 2. finish the description of the SOAP binding (and the sole SOAP trace),
 which I hope to do by Wednesday.  I'm reasonably certain the bindings are
 correct, but the SOAP 1.2 default rules of WSDL Adjuncts are relatively
 complex, and I don't grok them, today, well enough to finish describing
 them in prose.


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