Comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"

Hi all.
We would like to submit some comments on the "SPARQL Query Language  
for RDF" document, to be found in [1].

Our main goal is to be able to work on a future document about the  
semantics of (various parts of) SPARQL.
We would like to identify fragments of SPARQL from a "core" language  
to a "full" language, and to work on formalising the semantics of the  
core language first and then extend it to cover the more complex  
With the exception of the last comment in [1], our comments are not  
revealing any major impediment for the definition of a well founded  
model theoretic semantics for SPARQL.
As a first exercise, in [2] we already worked out the formal  
semantics for core SPARQL and we also give some complexity result.
We have a major concern on the possibility of giving any clear  
semantics to the querying provenance part, which we probably would  
prefer to leave out of the normative document.


[1] <>
[2] <>

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Received on Friday, 2 September 2005 07:02:28 UTC