some rq23 grammar comments

Looking at Appendix A of CVS 1.477

First para - wasn't there some additional words about notation including
the following sections going to go here?

IRI References
Need to mention the base URI used to resolve things and where it comes

White space
... terminals ...

Note that I do use different terminals and am very unlikely to change
them for reasons of implementation, error-recovery and the split I have
now works well.

"white space in terminals is significant"
The choice of terminals is implementation specific.  Whitespace is
significant only in a few terms which maybe could be listed - the IRI
(IRIref), names (NCNAME, VARNAME, NCNAME_PREFIX) and string literal
terms (RDFLiteral or String).  Some of them only via \u0020

"Keywords are shown in upper case but are matched in a case-insensitive
except there are a few mixed listed: isURI isBLANK isLITERAL


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