Andy's review of the the protocol doc (part II)

 From "B. HTTP Bindings"

==== "a. SELECT with no RDF dataset"

"a. SELECT with service-provided dataset"

There is no RDF dataset description provided in the protocol request of query 
language string but there is a dataset - it's fixed by the service.

Results need to use the new results namespace

==== "b. SELECT with simple RDF dataset"

Maybe explain what's happening with default-graph-uri and maybe make it a URL to 
a different host.

Results need to use the new results namespace
Results need <results distinct="false" ordered="false">

==== "c. CONSTRUCT with simple RDF dataset"

Using [] in the query might be clearer.

CONSTRUCT { [] foaf:name ?who; ...


Something is wrong with the results: may be it's the labels because there are 6 
different subjects but there should be 6 triples, with 3 subjects.

I guess the bnode labels are wrong
e.g. "r1_r1_somebody" vs "r1_r1_somebody"

Using RDF/XML that grouped foaf:name and foaf:made toegther would be clearer.

<rdf:Description rdf:nodeID="b0">
   <ns1:made rdf:resource=""/>
   <ns1:name rdf:nodeID="bx"/>

====  "d. ASK with simple RDF dataset"
ASK { ?book dc:creator ?who }
is a possible query

Mention its an identified default graph.

Old result format : should have the <results>
Old results namespace

(skipping red text'ed examples)

==== "C. SOAP Bindings"

Feel free to shorten the SOAP trace.


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