Re: SPARQL Query Results XML Format - last call work wrote on 07/26/2005 01:22:57 PM:

> After "PROPOSED: that
> (delegating choice of file extension to the editor) addresses issue
> resultsMimeType, contingent on review by Elias"
> I chose a file extension of ".srx" which has no previous common record
> in the file extension websites referred to in the telcon.  This was
> actioned via a resolution in the telcon.  This changes section 5, see
> next item.

Sounds good to me.

> ACTION DaveB: add mime type to results format
> Done.  Reviewers of the mime-type registration (EliasT, DanC) you might
> prefer to read section 5 of the draft
> which I've made into a stand-out HTML style rather than <pre>, and added
> links.

I've read the entire draft to be sent to the IETF and it looks good. The
security considerations are well in scope of our format and are more
extensive than the ones for application/xml alone.

Note: You mentioned about XML Encryption in the note to the IETF but the
actual format makes no mention about encryption at all. I guess maybe we
don't have to do so.



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