Re: SPARQL Query Results XML Format - last call work (schema stuff)

On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 18:22 +0100, Dave Beckett wrote:
> In
> $Revision: 1.52 $ of $Date: 2005/07/26 17:11:25 $

> After "PROPOSED: to note that the .xsd is derived from the .rng (and
> therefore, as far as we know, they mean the same thing) and make them
> both normative"
> Done.  See Section 4.

Very well.

> After "PROPOSED: to change the namespace name to
> (and update rf1 and rq23)"
> and
> ACTION DaveB: update rf1 with new namespace
> (which is )
> Done.  Also updated all the schemas and examples.
> See section 3.
> and section 4.

Right. looks good.

> ACTION DaveB: to choose a term and define it
> (for the document itself)
> Done.  It's at the start of section 2. and has anchor defn-srd
> for the term "SPARQL Results Document"

It doesn't actually define the term; i.e. it doesn't use
the conformance language from relax-ng:

"... determine for any XML document and for any correct RELAX NG schema
whether the document is valid with respect to the schema."


  A SPARQL results document is an XML document that is
  valid with respect to the relax NG schema in section @@.

I'm not sure whether a relax-NG schema file is a relax-NG
schema. I know there's an indirection in XSD.

Since we decided result2.xsd is normative too, we need a normative
reference to XSD.

I can't find the part of the XML Schema spec that says how to
say that a document matches a schema.

Maybe it's not worth the bother; maybe it's clear enough what
a SPARQL Results Document is. But do add the normative reference
to /TR/xmlschema-1/

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