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On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 15:02 +0100, Seaborne, Andy wrote:
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> >>Grammar production <a>Q_IRI_REF</a> forms IRI references
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> > er... but it forms things that are not IRI references as well.
> I don't read it as such.

The production reads:

[66]   Q_IRI_REF   ::=   '<' ([^<>]-[#00-#20])* '>' /* An IRI
reference : RFC 3987 */

And <foo###bar> matches that production, and it's
not an IRI reference.

If you mean for the comment to change the meaning of the
production so that the production does not generate
<foo###bar> , that's not responsive to the request:

"Please make sure the grammar is directly machine consumable."

The language generated by the machine-consumable grammar includes
<foo###bar>; so we need text outside the grammar that
says that the set of SPARQL query strings is somewhat
smaller than the set of strings generated by the grammar.

I suggest:

IRI References

Text matched by the  Q_IRI_REF production must be conform to the
generic syntax of IRI references in
section 2.2.  ABNF for IRI References and IRIs[RFC3987].
For example, the
Q_IRI_REF <abc#def> may occur in a SPARQL query string, but
the Q_IRI_REF <abc##def> must not.

>   It forms "IRI references" - we could add "and only 
> IRI references"
> """
> Grammar production <a>Q_IRI_REF</a> forms IRI references in accordance with 
> the generic syntax of IRI references described in section 2.2. of
> [RFC3987].
> """

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