Re: protocol editor's draft: 1.53

On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 15:43 -0400, Kendall Clark wrote:
> Dogs,
> I've committed:
> $Revision: 1.53 $ of $Date: 2005/07/27 19:42:14 $
> This discharges some of my pending ACTIONs, but I'm not sure which ones.
> I'll send a separate email claiming victory on ACTIONs once yesterday's
> minutes are available.

Tracking actions is more my job than yours... you did the
editing, so I'll check the actions, using the record
we've got so far...

> $Log: Overview.html,v $
> Revision 1.53  2005/07/27 19:42:14  kclark
> - changed to new MIME type for query results

yup... I see
Content-Type: application/sparql-results+xml; charset=utf-8

that discharges...

ACTION KendallC: update protocol spec w.r.t. results mime type

to my satisfaction

> - added new http trace example
> - added two new trace stubs
> - added query request refused fault type
> - expanded policy section with more about security

That discharges...

ACTION KendallC: to add security considerations section to proto draft,
under 4. Policy...

I should look it over more closely, and I hope others will too.
But it's there now.

> - synch'd rdf dataset with rq23

We just recently got a comment about that...

Would you please respond to it?

> - added initial POST binding for query operation

That's at least progress on...

ACTION KendallC: add POST binding to protocol doc

I'll probably double-check later to see whether it's
in progress or completely done.

> - flattened structure of query type by inlining rdf-dataset, per AndyS

that discharges...

ACTION KendallC: consider flattening rdf-dataset a la

> - using new "SPARQL Results Document" from rf1

That discharges...

ACTION KendallC: to use Dave's name for a results set doc in the
protocol draft...

> - added semantics for malformed query fault, though I believe this may be
>   incomplete as spec'd currently

Hmm... I hope somebody gets inspired to do some protocol
test infrastructure work soonish.

The only action I see that you didn't make at least some
progress on is...

ACTION KendallC: Check whether the results namespace is in protocol
draft; if so, update.

I still see
<sparql xmlns="">

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