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Vulnerabilities in digest-aa I-D Allan M. Schiffman (Sunday, 31 December)

Caching data returned from POST, and conditional POST Brian Gaines (Sunday, 31 December)

Re: Digest Authentication Andrew Cameron (Saturday, 30 December)

safe PUT Larry Masinter (Friday, 29 December)

review of byte range draft: please reply Larry Masinter (Friday, 29 December)

review of byte range draft: please reply Larry Masinter (Friday, 29 December)

ISPP BOF report Dave Crocker (Friday, 29 December)

Re: On the connection between content negotiation and caching David W. Morris (Thursday, 28 December)

More content negotiation Daniel DuBois (Thursday, 28 December)

Re: 'PUT' transaction reconsidered (was Re: two-phase send concerns ) Fisher Mark (Thursday, 28 December)

Potential HTTP Security Risk BearHeart / Bill Weinman (Thursday, 28 December)

Moving HTTP 1.0 to informational Paul Hoffman (Tuesday, 26 December)

interaction of caching with content negotiation, authentication, state, etc Larry Masinter (Saturday, 23 December)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-digest-aa-02.txt (Friday, 22 December)

Mirroring David Robinson (Thursday, 21 December)

Re: partial URLs ? BearHeart/Bill Weinman (Thursday, 21 December)

Re: (Fwd) Re: Solaris HTTP server performance... Beth Frank (Wednesday, 20 December)

Rethinking content negotiation (Was: rethinking caching) Daniel DuBois (Wednesday, 20 December)

Re: partial URLs ? (was <p> ... </p>) Daniel W. Connolly (Wednesday, 20 December)

Digest Authentication. Moving towards last call... Phillip M. Hallam-Baker (Tuesday, 19 December)

(Fwd) Re: Solaris HTTP server performance... (fwd) Beth Frank (Tuesday, 19 December)

Re: revised charter? Dave Kristol (Tuesday, 19 December)

revised charter? Larry Masinter (Monday, 18 December)

Content negotiation and MIME registration procedures Larry Masinter (Monday, 18 December)

rethinking caching Larry Masinter (Thursday, 14 December)

minutes, HTTP Working Group Larry Masinter (Thursday, 14 December)

Paul Leach: RE: Formation of persistent connections subgroup Andy Norman (Wednesday, 13 December)

New response code Mordechai T. Abzug (Tuesday, 12 December)

Formation of persistent connections subgroup Jeffrey Mogul (Monday, 11 December)

(no subject) Beehive Research (Monday, 11 December)

Re: 'PUT' transaction reconsidered (was Re: two-phase send concerns ) Rich Salz (Monday, 11 December)

Re: logic bag syntax Rich Salz (Sunday, 10 December)

making progress on State-Info Dave Kristol (Friday, 8 December)

DRAFT Minutes, HTTP-WG Larry Masinter (Friday, 8 December)

HTTP WG meeting in Dallas: Summary Larry Masinter (Friday, 8 December)

Grievances - Focused Daniel DuBois (Thursday, 7 December)

Grievances - Wide Daniel DuBois (Thursday, 7 December)

HTTP BOF at WWW4: Wednesday 7pm Roy T. Fielding (Thursday, 7 December)

HTTP 1.1 Unless header Alexei Kosut (Wednesday, 6 December)

logic bag Sankar Virdhagriswaran, Crystaliz Inc. (Friday, 1 December)

two-phase send concerns Dave Kristol (Thursday, 30 November)

Logic Bag concerns Dave Kristol (Thursday, 30 November)

Administrivia: List unsupervised for 2 weeks (Thursday, 30 November)

(no subject) Edward D. Silver (Monday, 27 November)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-00.txt, .ps (Monday, 27 November)

ANNC: Draft of "PEP: An Extension Mechanism for HTTP" avail. Rohit Khare (Monday, 27 November)

request identifiers in HTTP Luigi Rizzo (Sunday, 26 November)

gag me with a spoon Roy T. Fielding (Saturday, 25 November)

HTTP/1.1 draft 00 : chunked transfer and proxies Philip Thrift (Saturday, 25 November)

Proxies and loops Luigi Rizzo (Thursday, 23 November)

HTTP/1.1 draft 00 is available Roy T. Fielding (Wednesday, 22 November)

Which Doc is for which HTTP version? Brad Figg (Thursday, 23 November)

Keepalives and proxies (hopefully solved) Luigi Rizzo (Wednesday, 22 November)

no "conforming" HTTP/1.0 Dave Kristol (Tuesday, 21 November)

Really-From: allowing for proxying problems. Lee Stephens (Tuesday, 21 November)

Dilbert, the Next Generation Simon Spero (Saturday, 18 November)

Philip Thrift: chunked transfer of video data in Keep-Alive connections Andy Norman (Friday, 17 November)

keepalives and proxies: a request and a proposal Lorenzo Vicisano (Friday, 17 November)

Re: More notes on content negotiation Dave Kristol (Thursday, 16 November)

New byteranges Ari Luotonen (Thursday, 16 November)

comments on Robinson's CGI spec. Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 15 November)

Content-Digest header Chris Newman (Wednesday, 15 November)

Byteranges with 206 partial content Ari Luotonen (Tuesday, 14 November)

Reopening RFC 1766 - Language Tags (Sunday, 12 November)

Effects of Persistent Connections Mike Cowlishaw (Sunday, 12 November)

Status of negotiation text in 1.1 draft? Koen Holtman (Sunday, 12 November)

content-language Ramana Kovi (Sunday, 12 November)

Connection Oriented HTTP conflict Ramana Kovi (Sunday, 12 November)

Methods missing Ramana Kovi (Sunday, 12 November)

Header fields missing Ramana Kovi (Sunday, 12 November)

HTTP POST streaming Philip Thrift (Friday, 10 November)

Re: ietf-draft on connection-oriented http Alex Hopmann (Friday, 10 November)

Comments on Byte range draft Ted Hardie (Thursday, 9 November)

I-D ACTION:draft-luotonen-ssl-tunneling-01.txt Ari Luotonen (Wednesday, 8 November)

New Standards Joseph Arceneaux (Wednesday, 8 November)

questions on http-draft oct14 1995 Ramana Kovi (Tuesday, 7 November)

Content-Digest draft, request for ... Laurent Demailly (Saturday, 4 November)

Re: Content-Digest proposal (was Re: Revised Charter) Rich Salz (Friday, 3 November)

Agenda for HTTP-WG meeting at Dallas Dave Raggett (Friday, 3 November)

CGI??? Mike Meyer (Friday, 3 November)

State Wars, part XI (was: Revised Charter) M. Hedlund (Thursday, 2 November)

Re: Revised Charter Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 1 November)

Agenda for Dallas IETF meeting Dave Raggett (Tuesday, 31 October)

Revised Charter Dave Raggett (Tuesday, 31 October)

Statistics on reusing request headers in persistent connections Koen Holtman (Monday, 30 October)

CRLF Patrick E. Meyer (205)544-2265 (Monday, 30 October)

What to do on byte ranges? Martijn Koster (Thursday, 26 October)

keepalives again Balint Nagy Endre (Wednesday, 25 October)

Anselm Baird_smith: Authentication spaces Andy Norman (Monday, 23 October)

WInter (Web Internationalization & Multilinguism) Manuel Tomas CARRASCO BENITEZ (Saturday, 21 October)

Re: NCSA implementation of KeepAlive (fwd) Beth Frank (Friday, 20 October)

Re: NCSA implementation of KeepAlive Dave Kristol (Friday, 20 October)

NCSA implementation of KeepAlive Beth Frank (Friday, 20 October)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-v10-spec-04.txt, .ps (Tuesday, 17 October)

Harrie Hazewinkel: announcement http-mib mailing list Andy Norman (Tuesday, 17 October)

Dallas IETF meeting of HTTP-WG Dave Raggett (Monday, 16 October)

http - htmp - spec (Tuesday, 17 October)

Re: Chuck Shotton (Monday, 16 October)

(no subject) (Monday, 16 October)

Accept: field (was Re: Server Hacking) Brian Gaines (Monday, 16 October)

Server Hacking Roger Gonzalez (Monday, 16 October)

Status of PUT? Maurizio Codogno (Monday, 16 October)

Whither Digest AA Roy T. Fielding (Friday, 13 October)

Re: Keep-Alive Notes Dave Kristol (Thursday, 12 October)

Keep-Alive Notes Roy T. Fielding (Wednesday, 11 October)

Re: keep alive (fwd) Beth Frank (Tuesday, 10 October)

keep alive Anselm.BairdSmith (Monday, 9 October)

Paul Leach: Re: Decision about Host? Andy Norman (Sunday, 8 October)

host fqdn Michael Shapiro (Friday, 6 October)

Decision about Host? Beth Frank (Thursday, 5 October)

Question Harrie Hazewinkel (Wednesday, 4 October)

Host: fqdn Michael Shapiro (Wednesday, 4 October)

Proxy naming Ari Luotonen (Tuesday, 3 October)

Host header Michael Shapiro (Monday, 2 October)

additional response status codes Balint Nagy Endre (Sunday, 1 October)

Re: Beth Frank: Question about Host Balint Nagy Endre (Sunday, 1 October)

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