Re: WInter (Web Internationalization & Multilinguism)

> Could we try to form a group interested in the
> Web Internationalization & Multilinguism (WInter).
> This could cover two close related areas:
>  - Traditional software internationlization
>  - Language Engineering (the new term for multilinguism)
> It should cut across the different groups (HTTP, HTML, etc)
> as it is a horizontal subject. 

What's the proposed scope and projected end-products of this
group? I'm not sure we can/should divorce internationalization of
protocols from the working groups developing the protocols
themselves.  The recent Internet draft on Internationalization
of HTML _seems_ like a small thing, but the process that led
to it had a considerable impact on the HTML working group,
and in the fine details of the HTML 2.0 RFC.

I'd be interested in few more specific examples of what you have in mind.

    Albert Lunde            

Received on Friday, 20 October 1995 16:46:41 UTC