Re: making progress on State-Info

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995, Koen Holtman wrote:

>           host name has the form HOST.DOMAIN_NAME where HOST may not
>           contain any periods.  Also, domains must have at least two
>           (2) periods in them to prevent domains of the form: ".com"
>           and ".edu".

Well, your proposed rule would, if I understand it, preclude my host
and root domain:
from using the facility.  To preclude domains such as '.com' two periods
isn't the answer.  One needs at least two non-null name parts separated by

In any case, if security is an issue, surely your hypothetical user will
use SSL or SHTTP? Perhaps the protection should be based on some aspect
of the SSL / SHTTP key certificate. 

Dave Morris

Received on Sunday, 10 December 1995 16:31:23 UTC