Re: WInter (Web Internationalization & Multilinguism)

1) Scope:
Looking globally at the field from the functional
specification point of view with syntactic suggestions.

2) Projected end-products:
A document, Internet draft or other, that could be use
by the other groups.

3) Divorce internationalization of protocols:
It would be easier for the groups to work in this fields
once the people familiar with the field have arrive to
a consensus.

4) Internet draft on Internationalization of HTML:
The present Internet draft on Internationalization concentrate
mostly in the character set.  I very much approve this, as the
character set is a low level layer needed for the next steps:

4.1.- Traditional internationalization
i.e., cultural conventions.  This is similar to the previous
efforts, such as POSIX.  But it should be considered with

4.2.- Multilinguism
More formally, Language Engineering; i.e., informatics applied
to natural languages.  This is less understood.  It dials with
text in several natural languages.

5) Specific examples of what you have in mind:
Having the same page in another language.  Putting anchors work
for a few pages not for large multilingual databases.  Have a look
at my poster: 


Received on Friday, 20 October 1995 18:55:11 UTC