Re: two-phase send concerns

> I too want to understand the question Alex raised during the WG meeting
> re. why slow start and transmit windows don't prevent this from being
> a non-concern?  Isn't the client naturally restricted from sending
> a huge number of bytes before the server starts receiving some of the
> bytes?  If there needs to be a timeout to protect poor implementations,
> might it not be better to restrict the server from closing the connection
> for some interval after sending the abort. The server can leave the
> data unreceived or otherwise close the receive window but leave the
> connection open.

If someone would test that theory on real systems and see if it works,
that would be a big help.  I specified the only known solution to the stated
problem -- not the only possible solution.


Received on Wednesday, 6 December 1995 18:35:41 UTC