Re: Harrie Hazewinkel: announcement http-mib mailing list

 > Subject: announcement http-mib mailing list
 > On this mailing list a few persons are just starting some preliminary 
 > discussions on the design of - and implementation of a http-mib and/or 
 > a www-mib.
As nowhere in the mail is given an hint of what could mean 'mib', to
save troubles for ppl that would be as stupid as I am (not knowing
what it is): I found :
Mib means "Management Information Base" which is for me not very much
informative but you might learn more from:
The purpose of this file is to communicate information concerning a
possibile standardization effort for an http server Management
Information Base (MIB). Http servers provide the information that is
accessible on the World Wide Web (WWW). The performance of these
servers determines the usability of the web. Http servers are
typically monitored through access and error log files. This becomes a
difficult task when a single organization is responsible for a number
of servers. For this reason, monitoring the server with SNMP is
desireable so that a single network management station (NMS) can
manage a number of http servers. Providing a standard MIB for this
purpose allows a single management application to manage a number of
different servers.

I hope it deals with others' curiosity :-)
[tell me if i'm really a fool and everybody knowed what MIB is]

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