Re: Comments on Byte range draft

>> Asking for a partial GET changes the meaning of the header fields returned
>> in the response, which in turn requires that we either use a different
>> method or a different status code.   Hmmmmm... what would be the effect
>> of adding "205 Partial Content"?
> Well, it would mean 205 couldn't be used for Reset Document, as was 
> discussed a couple months ago on this list, and that most agreed was a 
> good idea (it would reset the document to how the browser originally 
> received it, clearing forms and so forth, sort of like 204 No Content). 

Uh, right, I guess I forgot to write that down -- weird.  I do remember
the discussion, though, and will include it in the draft.

> Except for that, a Partial Content response seems good. Satisfies my 
> thought, which was that a non-byte range server should just return the 
> full document (with status 200).

I guess we'll make it "206 Partial Content" then.

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