Re: safe PUT

A mini-rant, from the application developer's perspective.

It's certainly worth considering low-level transport issues
when working on these protocols, however:

* As an apps guy, I have _no control_ over the stack underneath

Unix boxes tend to implement TCP very well.  WINSOCKs come
in all flavors, some better than others.  We've even used
a package on the Mac that required a patch to select() to
report reset connections.

* Is HTTP tied to TCP?

I tend to think that many of the "problems" that HTTP-NG
addresses are actually with TCP, not HTTP itself.   We've
done work for firms that (horrors!) don't run a TCP network,
but they still see that value of HTTP as a backbone IS protocol.

So, when I see references to "advertising different window sizes",
or "doing a half-duplex shutdown()", I think that it's nice to know
that we can optimize implementations for the commonly used (and
correctly implemented!) transports, but it's much more important
that the HTTP protocol solve problems *at its level of abstraction*,
without making unusual demands upon the transport.

Not usually such a luddite,

Received on Friday, 29 December 1995 20:39:38 UTC