Re: rethinking caching

> If a site at Canada were to run a proxy cache for the site, it might
> have cached documents for both the French and English versions of a
> URL. Different clients should be able to retrieve the French and
> English versions from the cache without clearing or 'invalidating' the
> cache for the other clients who want the other language; modifying the
> English version shouldn't cause the French version to get dropped from
> the cache.

what i'm wondering is why content negotiation can't just return
the actual URL of the negotiated resource, using the new
"Content-Location".  so if you requested /foo/bar/constitution.txt
and preferred english, you'd get /foo/bar/constitution-english.txt
(and would be silently redirected there), and the proxy would cache
it under that name.  similarly, the french request would get cached
under the other name.

granted, this would mean a "reload" would go to the specific one
(and pre-empt negotiation).

sorry if this is an obvious question, but just how *is* cacheing
supposed to work with content negotiation?

-=- sfw, canadian and former lurker

Received on Friday, 15 December 1995 11:23:50 UTC