Re: Agenda for HTTP-WG meeting at Dallas

I would like to request that we have a well-defined 30 minute
discussion on content negotiation in the context of whether there is
possibly a generic content negotiation mechanism that will work for
mail agents as well as HTTP.  This is in lieu of a separate BOF on the
the topic. Since content negotation is part of HTTP 1.1, we could make
it part of the HTTP 1.1 review.

While HTTP 1.1 introduces content negotiation, it is a capability that
is also needed in the mail community, and involving the other
constituencies for this discussion is a good idea.

You say:

> If the there is sufficient interest in particular topics, we may
> be able to carry on discussions during Monday evening.

Do you have a room/time assigned for Monday evening? It may still
possible to schedule a BOF Monday evening specifically on the topic.

(From html-wg):
> I think the lack of consensus was due to the fact that much of the
> discussion requires some sort of content negotiation scheme, which is
> commonly considered beyond the scope of the HTML working group. I think it
> was Larry Masinter who informally proposed to create an IETF working group
> on content negotiation, but that has yet to reach fruition.

Received on Friday, 3 November 1995 17:30:32 UTC