two-phase send concerns

I also hate to lob this into the discussion so shortly before IETF, and
particularly when I haven't had time yet to finish looking at HTTP/1.1,

Several HTTP/1.1 methods (POST, e.g.) propose a two-phase send, first
headers, then body.  A server can respond with 100 Continue after
receiving the headers.

My concern:  I don't think what's described can be implemented.  The
spec. calls for a five-second timeout.  In the face of a chain of
proxies, early agents in the chain are likely to timeout and proceed,
and the body is likely to cross paths with the 100 response.  In fact,
no one timeout is ever likely to be correct for all circumstances.

Dave Kristol

Received on Thursday, 30 November 1995 14:50:14 UTC