Re: Statistics on reusing request headers in persistent connections

That was a very nice study.  I'm sure people will find things to
quibble about with your modelling of "wait chains", but it really
does help to have some solid numbers.

You write:
    Much higher gain/effort ratios can be had by focusing on other
    desirable features of future HTTP software, for example
     - reducing the amount of Accept headers generated by some browsers
       (my Mosaic for X browser sends 822 bytes of accept headers, most of
       them for MIME types I can't even view!), maybe introducing a
       mechanism for reactive content negotiation at the same time.

I think Larry Masinter's hash-based approach still seems like the
right one here.

You write:
    Note that the four Accept headers above could be combined into a
    single Accept header:
      Accept: */* image/gif image/x-xbitmap image/jpeg .

I suggest that the HTTP 1.1 spec encourage this, changing the phrase

	 The field may be folded onto several lines


	 The field SHOULD be folded onto several lines

if that hasn't been done already.


Received on Tuesday, 31 October 1995 12:32:19 UTC