Re: Decision about Host?

> False. The server may be behind a firewall, proxy or accelerator; the
> port on which it is listening may not be the port the client used.

None of these are valid arguments for having the port number there:

Behind a proxy: full URL is sent to the proxy, and Host: is
unnecessary anyway; in any case the port number would be that
indicated in the URL, not the port the client happened to connect to a
proxy server.  The proxy then adds the Host: header (although I think
in the transition period, the client will need to send it in case the
proxy doesn't support it yet).

Behind an accelerator: the accelerator port is the one advertized in
the URL -- how would the client have known to connect there anyway?

Or, to put it differently, if your server is started on port X, it
*knows* the connections that come to that port are coming to port X.
Where else would they be going to?  Think about it.

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Received on Friday, 6 October 1995 13:28:59 UTC